How to Find Somebody's Address

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Staying in touch with a long lost friend or relative can be difficult to accomplish if you do not have their address. Although, having an address can speed up the process of locating someone, it is not the only piece of information needed to find that person. In some cases, searching for a landline number, email address and even Facebook name, can provide you with an address for that person.

Log on to the Internet and enter the phone number of the person that you wish to find. Click “Enter” and wait for the results to populate. If a residential listing populates, then you’ve found that special somebody’s missing address. However, if that didn’t work, move to Step 2.

Visit to search the name person that you are looking for. ZoomInfo scours the internet and searches for the names of companies and people only. Instead of receiving thousands of hits, you may receive 1-20 hits, which greatly reduces the number of profiles you have to look through.

Search a white pages website such as or However, you must know the person’s last name to begin a search.

Search for the person on Facebook or any other social media website. Because facebook has a huge following (400 million active users) it is more than likely a chance that she is a user and has completely filled out her contact information located in her facebook profile.

Hire an investigator if all else fails. If you desperately need to get someone’s address then you can hire a private investigator to locate the individual. Investigators usually charge between $40 and $75 an hour.