How to Find Deceased High School Alumni

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Many fond memories are made during the school-age years. Friends share good times and events together until, inevitably, most students move on in different directions. School friendships are often lost and what remains are only the memories. Ultimately, as time goes by, friends and classmates begin to pass away. Finding deceased high school alumni is a way to verify the death of classmates and possibly encourage reconnection with other lost friends before it is too late.

Contact family and friends who attended the same high school. Reach out to those specifically who were in your grade or attended school at the same time--as you are likely to share memories. Ask the whereabouts of alumnus in question and if your friends and family know if she is still alive. Request contact information from your family and friends of other alumni who may possess the answers.

Log online. Visit the official website of your former high school. Scroll through online alumni high school association pages for listings of deceased former students. Contact the high school administrative staff/historian and inquire about catalogues or information available that list deceased alumni.

Visit the Alumni Class website or any other online association specializing in cataloging high school alumni. Click on the state in which you attended high school from the home page menu.

Scroll through the listings to find your school. Select your school once it is found. Click on the "Alumni Registration" tab and follow instructions to create a sign-in account.

Log into the site associated with your high school. Scroll down to the "Find Friends and Classmates" tab. Click the "Start Searching" icon to scan listings of living and deceased alumni. Contact an Alumni Class representative via email or phone if the individual you are searching for is not listed.