How to Find a Childhood Friend

by Kristen Ciccolini

Throughout our lives we meet many people; friends come and go and we grow up and drift apart. When you want to reconnect with your past, think of the people who occupied your time as a child. Finding childhood friends requires a little bit of research, whether you utilize the Internet or mutual acquaintances.

Search through various social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or LinkedIn. Facebook is very popular for allowing its users to connect with old friends, and you can search by school or graduation year. If you can't find your friend, try searching for his or her siblings.

Call his or her parents if you can find their phone number. Most likely, they will be happy to hear from you and pass on information about your friend's whereabouts.

Look in the phone book, available at the local library, if you know the city your friend lives in.

Contact alumni associations for your friend's high school or college if you know where they attended. Former students are often asked to keep the school posted on their jobs, achievements, location and more.

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