How to Look Up People Who Were in the Military

by Michael Scarn

People search for former military members to catch up with former acquaintances and find family members with whom they have lost contact. Databases that contain contact information on people who were in the military can be difficult to find. Fortunately, there are several veterans and military organizations that offer assistance. If you know where to turn for help, your search just might be successful.

Contact your local Veterans of Foreign Wars and American Legion chapters. These organizations can help you locate former military members, especially if they belong to a chapter of either organization somewhere in the world.

Find your local Department of Veterans Affairs office, which maintains a list of discharged military members if they have applied for any type of veterans' benefits. The VA will not give you contact information for the military member but will send your contact information to the member and ask him to get in touch with you.

Call the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC) in St. Louis, Mo. The NPRC maintains health and military records for millions of military members. Again, it will not provide you with information regarding a military member but will forward your name and contact information to the former military member and ask him to contact you.

Call other veterans associations located throughout the country. A comprehensive list of these organizations can be found at If the military member is a part of any of these organizations, he should be able to be located.

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