How to Find Someone Listed in the National Guard

by James Highland

The military is a vast organization and the National Guard is a significant part of it. It is not uncommon for service members to seek reconnection with friends and colleagues in the National Guard. Sometimes family members or other civilians wish to contact a local military hero. Whatever the reason, the United States military makes it easy to find someone listed in the National Guard. The free service requires registration, but then provides information on service members. While it is often used to find fellow military buddies, anyone can use the "Buddy Finder" service.

Visit the community website for the United States military at

Click on the "Buddy Finder" option at the top of the website.

Enter the first and last names of the individual you wish to locate.

Click the "Search People" button. You will be taken to a screen for registration.

Enter your email address and zip code in the registration window. Choose your own service affiliation, if any, and also the status of your service. If you are not in the military, choose the "None" option for both menus.

Click the check box to indicate you agree to the user terms and privacy policy of You can first read these by clicking on the respective links to the policies.

Press the "Join Now" button. You are taken to a search results screen showing all military members with the name you entered.

Refine the search to National Guard by adjusting the "Service" menu at the top of the window and pressing the "Find Buddy" button. The results are the National Guard personnel list for the name you entered.


  • The success of quickly finding someone listed in the National Guard will increase with the number of details you enter into the "Buddy Finder." If you know the person's pay grade, email address or other fields, this may streamline the search.


  • The site may not contain details about a service member if they have chosen not to make their information publicly available through the site. If you are unsuccessful with your search, contact the National Guard directly for the state in which the service member is registered.

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