How to Find Old Army Buddies Online

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Serving in the Army is a life-changing experience, and memories of those days -- and the people who served alongside you -- stay with you all your life. If you'd like to reconnect with Army friends, finding them may be as easy as getting online.

Make sure you have the right names. Many Army units publish yearbooks, which look a lot like high school yearbooks, Dig out yours and look up names.

Use the Buddy Finder service on The free service provides basic information about registered U.S. veterans when you provide a last name and rank. Register yourself because others may be searching for you.

Search for reunions on Browse by branch of service and unit.

Google friends by name, or search an online people finder site.

If you think the person in question might have passed away, search online obituaries using the person's name and the word "Army." Search the Social Security Death Index, available for free on

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