How to Find Someone I've Lost Contact With

by Stacey Price

As life takes it course, sometimes we lose contact with old friends, relatives and even romantic partners. Thankfully--because of technology today--searching for these people over the Internet has become quite easy. Many of the resources used cost nothing. Depending on the method used to locate someone, you need only their first and last name.

Gather all the information on the person you lost contact with. Write down his last known address, phone number, email address, employer, any mutual friends and their information. This will help you analyze how to purse finding your lost friend based on the information you have.

Call mutual friends. Ask if they know of the whereabouts of your long lost friend. Gather any information they may have to help you in your search. No detail is too small. Ask about her last know location, employer, marriage status, any places she frequents and the like.

Use social networking websites like Facebook to locate the person you've lost contact with. Create an account if you don't have one and complete a search using his first and last name. Send him a friend request and a note explaining who you are. If you can't find him immediately using this method, request and add mutual friends. This will help you stay alert on who's friends with your friends, which will help heighten your chances on finding your lost friend.

Check the Classmates and Reunions website if you know which school your lost friend attended. Both resources work to locate old classmates and friends. They also cost nothing to join.

Send an email to her last known email address. Include a quick note and your contact information. Chances are if it does not come back undeliverable then the account is still used and valid.

Complete a people search using the information you have. Intellus and People Finders offer a people search tool for a small fee. Search results can include an address, phone number, employer and an email address.

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