How to Locate People in Houston, Texas

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Whether you are trying to track down an old friend or find a long lost family member, there are several ways to go about locating people in Houston, Texas. Houston is in the third largest county in the United States, but it is still easy to find someone there if you use the right tools. Gather the information you have on the person and get ready to do some digging.

Research county records. The Harris County Clerk's Office serves Houston, Texas, maintaining all recorded documents filed in the county. You can search their website ( for mortgages, deeds, weddings, probate, and court records. Go to their website, click on the "search databases" link, choose the records you would like to search, then enter the individual's name. Searches are free.

Search the white pages. Go to and enter the person's name and Houston, Texas in the search spaces. Their address, age, and phone number should appear, unless the phone number is unlisted. The search will also reveal any other names associated with this person, such as a spouse.

Search social media sites. Many people have pages on social media sites such as Facebook. Simply go to and enter the person's name in the search space. You will probably find more than one person with any particular name. To narrow the results, click on "see more options" and you can be more specific. A people filter allows you to search by location, school, and workplace. Other social media sites such as Twitter are good sources for finding someone.

Conduct an Internet search. Simply enter the person's name your are seeking in your Internet search engine and see if any news stories, blogs, or business information appears. First, do a general search by name, then try one using the name and the location, Houston, Texas.

Hire a private investigator. If you have exhausted every public record and on-line search with no results, consider hiring a private investigator. Verify that the investigator is a licensed professional and be sure to check his or her references.