How to Find a Deceased's Last Known Address

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When a person dies, there are several options available for locating the deceased's last known address. Information can be located through people searches, genealogy records and local resources like libraries and phone books. There are many online services to help you locate lost loved ones. If you have basic information about the person you are searching for, chances are good that you’ll find him or her through one of these resources.

Contact friends, relatives and co-workers of the deceased person, if possible. Someone who knew the deceased may be able to provide you with the last known address.

Gather identifiable information about the deceased person. This would include full name, birth date, date of death, Social Security number, phone number, place of work, and family members of the deceased. The more information you have, the easier it will be to filter your search results.

Visit a people-search website such as, or the US GenWeb#. Enter the deceased person’s name in the search field. If you have the city or state where he or she resided and the year of birth and death, enter this information as well, to narrow your search. The records will usually give you the person’s full name, city, state and zip code of last known residence, and date of birth and death; and may include other information as well.

Contact the appropriate records office in the state where the deceased person lived. Request a death certificate. A death certificate will include the address of the former residence of the deceased person. Know that death certificates are not public records. They can only be requested by a family member or legal representative of the person’s estate. There is a fee for obtaining death certificates, usually no more than $20.

Visit your local library to check phone books. Search for the deceased person’s name. If the name is listed, the last known address will also be there. Contact people with the same surname as the deceased. It’s possible that some are relatives of the deceased who can help you find the information you’re looking for.