How to Find My Baby's Father

by Janece Bass

Finding your baby's father is important for many reasons, particularly giving your baby every opportunity possible for the financial, emotional and physical support he is entitled to receive. Knowing his father's family medical history may be crucial to your baby's well-being as well. If you aren't sure who the father is, you can narrow down the possibilities. Gather all of the information you do have and reach out for help if you need it.

Write down all of the information you know about your baby's father. If there are multiple possibilities, write down everything you know about each of the men. Include their full names, last known phone number, address, birthday, place of employment, friends or family members.

Call, email or visit everyone you know who might know him. Contact the place you know he did work and ask if you can leave a message for him.

Search for him on the Internet. Use people finder websites, social networking sites or any other information you know about him. For example, if you know his full name, age and hometown, do a search with that information. Look up mutual friends or his family members if you can't locate him. Post information, like a "want ad" stating that you are looking for him. Describe as much as you can about him.

Contact your local child support office for help. Of course, this means you will be initiating a child support case. They will do everything they can to help you locate him. The more information you can provide, the better.

Hiring an attorney or private detective may be necessary if all else fails.

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