How to Deal with Your Husband's Out of Wedlock Baby

One of the most devastating thing that can happen during an affair is when your husband gets the other woman pregnant. If you husband has cheated and his mistress is having a baby, it is important to protect you and your children financially and emotionally from the consequences. Here is a guide to help you deal with the situation.

As soon as you find out that another woman is pregnant with your husband's child, talk to an attorney to get get your finances in order. In particular, you will need a plan to protect your assets from the other woman. If your husband's girlfriend sues for child support, shared assets are vulnerable.

The quickest way to prevent this may be to file for divorce and claim what is rightfully yours. But you must act before the baby is born.

Do not contact the other woman to threaten her or bribe her to stay away. She can file harassment charges against you and cause you even more problems.

Do not try to talk the other woman into having an abortion, or giving the baby up for adoption. This may also be construed as harassment, even if your intentions are good. The best way to prevent yourself from legal action is to avoid her.

It is possible to send anonymous adoption information. If you know her address, you can go online and request adoption pamphlets to be sent to her home.

If you have young children, do not tell them about your husband's cheating and the out-of-wedlock child until they are older. If you are getting divorced, cite vague reasons, but assure them that both parents love them.

When the baby is born, your husband should demand a paternity test before any child support is paid. You cannot request one while the woman is pregnant because there is a risk of miscarriage, but it can be done the day the baby is born. Any money your husband pays to the woman he cheated with is less money for your children.

See a counselor to help you and your children work through the anger and sadness your husband's affair has caused.