How Can Parents Stop a Minor From Meeting Her Boyfriend?

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Teen relationships are a normal part of growing up. When your daughter’s boyfriend isn’t treating her with respect or is a bad influence, it may be time to intervene. You can’t be near your daughter around the clock, but take precautions to stop your daughter from spending time with her boyfriend.

Talk to Your Teen

Talk to your daughter and discuss your reasons for imposing rules that regard her boyfriend. Explain why you have issues with her boyfriend so she understands your concerns. Forbidding your daughter to see her boyfriend could result in her rebelling and wanting to see him even more. Instead, talk to your daughter about her value and self-worth. She deserves to be treated with respect, which is why you want the best for her. Stay open to questions your daughter may have about relationships.

Implement Rules

If you don’t want your daughter to see her boyfriend, set clear boundaries about her boyfriend being off limits. If she is caught with her boyfriend, let her know what forms of discipline will be implemented, such as being grounded, taking away her phone or taking away her car. If your daughter is a minor and her boyfriend is an adult, there are legal implications she should be made aware of. Laws vary by state; however, intimate relationships between adults and minors are against the law.

Get Involved

Get involved in your daughter’s life without being too controlling. Get to know your daughter’s friends, her friends’ parents and her schedule. If she is having a sleepover or attending a party with her friends from school, call her friends’ parents to verify that there will be parental supervision. Ask your daughter to check in if she changes her plans. Keep track of what time she gets home from school or her job. Let your daughter know that you care and as she earns your trust, you will give her more independence.

Keep Your Daughter Occupied

If your daughter is home alone after school or on the weekends, you are providing her with an opportunity to see her boyfriend. Enroll your daughter in after-school activities that interest her, such as dance or sports. Help her obtain an internship or job to occupy her time. Discuss options with your daughter about what she can do to fill her free time, such as spend time with her girlfriends or participate in a hobby.