Description of a Child Care Center

by Emily D'Antuono

Child care centers provide care and education to young children whose parents either work during the day or want to socialize their children at a young age. When operated appropriately, child care centers can contribute significantly to the social, emotional and intellectual growth of children.

Set Up

Child care centers are designed to support the health, education and entertainment of young children. Toys are kept readily accessible, cots and cribs are provided for rest time and refrigerators and tables are are there for food storage and service.

Safety Rules

Child care centers have strict safety rules to protect both children and staff. Rules include behavioral guidelines to govern indoor and outdoor play, sanitary standards and procedure,s and physical health requirements.


Child care centers seek to contribute to the education of children by presenting age appropriate lessons, crafts and games.


Child care centers encourage the healthy development of relationships between children, helping kids to learn appropriate ways to interact and socialize with one another.

Hours of Operation

Most child care centers operate on a schedule that is convenient for working parents, remaining open for 10 to 12 hours a day and closing only on national holidays.

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