What are the Best Places for a 13-Year Old Girl's Birthday Party in NYC?

teen style image by Andrey Kiselev from Fotolia.com

Throwing a spectacular birthday party for your daughter's 13th birthday is a must, as this marks the beginning of her teen years. Find a location that caters to her interests, and establishes the perfect balance between a place that's too grown up or too childish. Choose a place in New York City as a special treat to her and her friends if you're from out of town, or for convenience if you live in the city.

Dudes & Divas

Host a diva disco party where your daughter and her friends get to dress up, have their hair done, get temporary tattoos and dance. The party includes a disco-style club setting, music, karaoke and a specially choreographed dance to her favorite song. Other themes are available, such as a Guitar Hero party. This is a good solution for a co-ed party where you can blend into the background. The kids will feel more "grown up" while you can still keep an eye on things.

Dudes & Divas 104-12 Metropolitan Ave. Queens, NY 11375 718-575-4040

Big Apple Comedians

At least three comedians will perform age-appropriate material for your daughter and her friends during a stand-up comedy show. Then, they will participate in an interactive comedy workshop where the girls can write and perform their own comedy with the help of the pros. The party will end with the kids doing their own routines on stage. A comedy show specifically for 13-year-olds is a great option if your daughter and friends are always clowning around.

Big Apple Comedians 212-479-0822 bigapplecomedians.com

The Painted Pot

The Painted Pot allows you to host your daughter's 13th birthday party and let her decide on the activity. They can paint ready-made pottery, take a wheel class to make their own ceramics, create a mosaic picture frame or make beaded jewelry. Best of all, the girls can be dropped off (so they feel more grown up) for a two-hour party.

The Painted Pot 339 Smith St. Brooklyn, NY 11217 718-222-0334 paintedpot.com

Lia Schorr Spa

Treat your daughter and her friends to teenage spa treatments, including eyebrow shaping, massages, manicures, pedicures, facials or waxing. Get the other girls' parents permission before waxing, massages or eyebrow shaping. There is a three-hour teenage spa package available. Complete the party by renting a hotel suite for a slumber party and swimming or take the girls to dinner at a fancy restaurant.

Lia Schorr Spa 686 Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10022 212-486-9670 liaschorr.com