How to Throw a Party as a Teen

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As a teen, throwing parties is a great way for socializing, moving your way up on the "popularity ladder" and possibly earning some respect in your school. Some of the best ways to throw a large party are to spend time selecting a guest list, have plenty of food available and get permission from your parents. Here are some tips.

Ask your parents if you can have a party. Discuss rules for the party with your parents, so you know in advance what you can and can't do.

Decide who you want to invite. If you're having the party at your home, invite as many peers as you're allowed. Stick with close friends, friends of friends and peers you'd like to get to know. You don't want to invite your whole school unless you want to trash your house. Pass out flyers or invitations to potential guests.

Gather all your closest friends to help you prepare your home for the big party. Buy plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks for everybody. Place covers on the couches to prevent spills, and hide any collectibles, antiques and trinkets so that they don't get broken.

Burn some popular music and the latest hit tunes onto a CD or get your MP3 player hooked up to your sound system. Make sure that it is music that everybody will enjoy. You could also find a friend who is willing to volunteer as a DJ for your party.

Dress into your best party clothes, turn up the volume and have all of your food and drinks ready. Don't turn the music up too high, or you risk having the local police being called for a noise disturbance.