How to Throw an Anime Party

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Embrace a cultural craze with a Japanese anime-themed party. The anime revolution has swept across American television with popular programs including "Pokemon," "Sailor Moon," "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and "Ouran High School Hosts Club." Host the most outrageous anime party on the block with preparation and planning.

Karaoke With Vocaloids

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Pump up the music for your anime-themed party. Karaoke should be a huge part of any anime celebration, but don’t settle for traditional karaoke. Set up a karaoke area with a large flat-screen television so party guests can sing with popular Vocaloids such as Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin. These anime characters sing with synthetic voices but have a large following in the anime community. Vocaloid videos typically have song lyrics scrolling across the bottom of the screen as they perform, so plug a mic in the karaoke machine and belt out your favorite songs.

Bento Boxes and Hand Rolls

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Food is essential for young or older party guests. A growing fad among anime enthusiasts is the bento box. Popular anime shows often show characters eating from these traditional Japanese lunchboxes. Purchase small boxes and use smaller containers to create separate compartments within the boxes. Fill the bento boxes with chicken wings, sushi, fried rice, egg rolls, salad or edamame. If you prefer a simpler food option, purchase traditional sushi hand rolls filled with a variety of meats of vegetables. You also could serve a tray of edamame or bowls of traditional miso soup as appetizers.

Party Favors and Crafts

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Celebrate anthropomorphic anime characters with cat-ear headbands and cat tails, or make "Naruto"-inspired headbands from strips of cloth. Allow guests to decorate "Naruto" headbands with permanent markers or paint pens. Help children make their own "Pokemon" balls out of clear plastic Christmas ornaments and acrylic paint. Fill the balls with candy or small "Pokemon" figurines.

Characters and Costumes

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Encourage guests to dress as their favorite anime characters. Popular female characters include Sailor Moon, Rini, Misty, Hatsune Miku and Mai Tokiha. Popular male characters include Haruhi Fujioka, Hikaru Hitaiichin and Ash Ketchum. Costumes may include long gloves, pleated skirts, sailor outfits, Japanese school uniforms, blue jeans and T-shirts, or dress pants and button-up shirts.

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