How to Throw a Teenage Beach Birthday Party

The beach party is an ideal theme for teenagers who enjoy just hanging around with their friends under the sun. If you live near a beach and want to hold your party there, be sure to obtain the proper permits and have plenty of adult supervision. If the beach is not an option, host the party in your backyard. With some planning and beach-themed decorations and supplies, a pool party can be transformed into a cool teen beach party.

Visit the party supply store or shop online for beach party items. Purchase beach-themed invitations, beach balls, inflatable palm trees, tiki torches, water balloons, beach-themed tableware and miniature drink umbrellas. Shop in the discount stores for beach towels, beach umbrellas, sunglasses and flip flops, you will need one of each of these per party guest.

Send out the invitations and indicate that guests are to wear bathing suits or beach attire.

Set up beach towels and umbrellas all around the party area. Combine with beach chairs and patio chairs for plenty of seating.

Create a backyard beach scape for those who don't live near the water. Purchase a few kid's sandboxes and inflatable pools. Arrange in a low traffic area and fill some with water and some with sand. Decorate the sandboxes with seashells and sand castles. Float beach balls in the pools. Hang beach towels or paint a beach mural on cardboard and hang it up behind the water and sand pools. Inflate palm trees and add to your beach scape.

Toss several beach balls in the pool and around the party area.

Set up tiki torches safely around perimeter of party, out of reach of party guests or flammable decorations.

Fill beach buckets with sunglasses, flip flops, sunscreen, and rolled up beach towels or t-shirts. Give to guests as they arrive for a party favor they can use at the party.

Play classic beach games of Frisbee and volleyball. Start a water balloon fight. Hold a beach dance contest, sand castle contest or limbo contest.

Serve barbecue food such as hot dogs and hamburgers. Create a mock bonfire with a backyard fire bowl and let guests roast their own hot dogs and marshmallows. Use clams and other seafood to create a clambake on the grill. Serve non-alcoholic beverages in cocktail glasses with miniature paper umbrellas.

Set up an area for guests to have their photo taken. Have them stand on a surfboard and give their best surfing pose. Print and send the pictures as keepsakes along with the thank-you notes.