British-Themed Party Ideas

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If you can't afford a trip across the pond, bring a bit of Britain to you with a theme party for your friends and family. Britain's rich culture and unique traditions give you a great starting point for brainstorming a creative decor, delicious menu ideas and entertaining party activities. Pull out your Union Jack, practice your British accent and let the party begin.

High Tea

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Invite your pals over for a sophisticated afternoon tea party. The traditional time for British tea service is late afternoon, so keep that convention in mind if you want your party to be authentic. To add Victorian flair, decorate with lacy tablecloths and place settings. Use a silver tea pot to dole out English Earl Grey in dainty china cups and present goodies on a silver tray or stand. Traditional English tea party fare includes Devonshire cream, jam-filled scones, sponge cake and shortbread.

The Pub's the Thing

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Decorate your party area in British pub style and encourage guests to enjoy a pint or two. Hang Union Jack flags up on the walls or print paper versions from the Internet. Look into renting or buying old wine barrels for decoration. Dark wood picnic tables add extra guest seating and help promote a pub-like atmosphere. Look for signs and posters advertising British brews to hang on your walls or prop up on your tables. Have tall beer glasses for everyone, along with a few British beers on tap for thirsty guests. Brits enjoy their beer at room temperature; how you serve yours is up to you.

London Calling

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Host a party that pays tribute to Britain's most famous city. Hang postcards and posters of popular London sights and destinations, such as Big Ben, red double-decker buses and Buckingham Palace. Small framed photos of London make great centerpieces, and you can get even more British by making your own Union Jack tablecloth. Start with a basic white tablecloth and use strips of ribbon and colored fabric to achieve the right look. Serve savory roast beef with marinated Brussels sprouts and sticky pudding for dessert, and you'll have a London-style feast fit for the queen.

Brit Beats

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Celebrate the greats of British music with a party in their honor. The British music scene gets the credit for superstars like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Sting, among many others. Decorate the party room with old records and album covers. Play "Name that Tune" with your guests, using a mix of your favorite British tunes from your iPod, and buy or rent a karaoke system and have a British-themed singing contest.

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