Boardwalk Themed Party Ideas

boardwalk runners image by Andrew Kazmierski from

As boardwalks are typically the strips of shops and restaurants that line streets in beach towns or near the coast, using this theme for a party can give a summery, vacation feel no matter when the party is held. Tell guests about the theme in advance, especially if you want them to dress according to the theme or to bring food for a potluck party.


Have guests wear beach inspired attire. This could mean bathing suits and swimming trunks, Hawaiian print shirts, sunglasses, bathing suit covers or wrap dresses, sundresses and, of course, flip flops. If you hold the event during cold weather, set a room aside to collect coats and outerwear. As a party favor, provide guests with an inexpensive pair of flip flops and plastic sun glasses.


Set up several glass bowls filled with water as centerpieces for tables. Add a few drops of blue and green food coloring to make the water resemble an ocean. Place some seashells and colorful rocks in the bottom of the bowl. Add some floating candles to the water. Scatter vases with bright and exotic flowers throughout the party. Create an ensemble arrangement on a table consisting of suntan lotions and tanning lotions. Drape beach towels over tables as table cloths and over furniture. Create street signs out of construction paper with beach themed names or famous streets such as Hollywood Boulevard.


Grill some traditional boardwalk food such as hamburgers and hot dogs. Rent a cotton candy machine for a fun dessert for guests. Place french fries in paper cups for guests. Deep fry bread dough for homemade fried dough with all the powdered sugar and cinnamon fixings. Make an ice cream pie to complete the boardwalk snack feel. Serve sunny colored drinks like lemon martinis and tequila sunrises.