Caribbean Theme Party Ideas

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A Caribbean-themed party should be full of vibrant colors, the sounds of a steel drum band, fresh and flavorful foods and island-inspired decor items. Use a vivacious Caribbean theme to enhance birthday parties, wedding receptions, anniversary celebrations and bridal and baby showers, among other special events. For an authentic look, infuse the party space with airy fabrics and citrus hues.

Tropical-Inspired Decor

When throwing a Caribbean-themed party, set the mood with tropical-inspired decor. If you are on a tight party budget, use whimsical balloons to create ambiance. Blow up turquoise, sunny yellow, pink, bright coral and lime green balloons and display them around the party space. Group them into clusters and suspend them from the ceiling, railings or near entryways. Palm tree, flamingo and seashell-shaped balloons are also available. Enhance the party table with vases filled with fresh or silk orchids and birds-of-paradise; place single blooms in bud vases as guest place setting decor. If you are hosing the party outdoors, suspend vibrantly hued paper lanterns over the table or from porch rafters, or wrap colorful string lights around tree trunks and pillars.

Party Favors

Treat party guests to party favors that complement the overall soiree style. Present the gifts at the beginning of the party, or send guests home with the favors as a way of saying "thank you" for their attendance. Decorative party favors can also be used to enhance the party dinner table. Give party-goers reggae music CDs featuring labels printed with the party details. Other favor ideas include pina colada mixes, sun visors, small tubes of mango or pineapple-scented hand cream, shell necklaces or rings, personalized beach towels, seashell-enhanced pillar candles or votive holders, or homemade coconut cookies. Present the treats in decorative turquoise gift bags.

Island Flavors

Tempt guests' taste buds with the flavors of the tropics. Plan a delicious party menu to include Caribbean-inspired appetizers, main courses, desserts and drinks. Create a fresh tropical fruit salad featuring mango, pineapple, passion fruit, guava, oranges and bananas, which can be served as a healthy party appetizer or side dish. Delight guests with a buffet of coconut shrimp, beans and rice, jerk-spiced chicken and fried plantains, among other Caribbean foods. Complete the dinner by serving guests coconut cookies, pineapple cake with rum sauce or tropical fruit tarts. If you are serving alcohol, mix up mojitos, pina coladas and margaritas. As a charming touch, create menus and set one by each guests' place setting.