Types of Centerpieces & Table Decorations

sunflower dish centerpiece image by Paul Retherford from <a href='http://www.fotolia.com'>Fotolia.com</a>

Whether hosting a graduation party, wedding, anniversary or other special event, table centerpieces and decor are very important. Centerpieces can be made from anything; some ideas include flowers, candles, birdhouses, goblets, teapots or bonsai trees. With a little creativity, centerpieces can even double as favors, which helps save money as well as setup and cleanup time for the event planners.

Classic and Simple Centerpieces

For a traditional look, classic standby centerpieces work well. These include a glass bubble bowl with a pillared candle, or seasonal flowers in a small pot or glass vase. You may also choose a single stemmed flower in a long, slender vase, a pillared candle atop a mirror or a small basket of wildflowers in colors that complement your celebration theme.

Garden-Themed Centerpieces

For outside or garden-themed occasions, use a tiny painted birdhouse, a small basket of herbs or teapots or teacups filled with water, and a tiny blossom inside. In lieu of a birdhouse, use a birdcage filled with ivy. Surround the cage with dainty, individual party favors. Other types of garden centerpieces include small potted plants surrounding a larger, taller floral arrangement. The tiny plants can double as party favors. Another popular centerpiece is a brightly colored orchid in a clear vase.

Contemporary Centerpieces

For a modern touch, use bonsai trees for centerpieces. Other options include a cluster of bamboo plants that can serve as guest favors. These plants are said to be lucky, and they are attractive. You can also place colorful betta fish in a large glass bowl with marbles or rocks. For an even more eye-catching effect, place a mirror below the bowl. Another contemporary decor idea is a wishing well or small mailbox for notes and greetings from guests.

Wedding Table Sprinkles

Table sprinkles can bring a theme together and add luster or fun. What you want to sprinkle will ultimately depend on your theme, color and type of centerpiece. Popular options include confetti, rose or flower petals, rosebuds, seashells, glitter or glass beads.

Floating Candle Centerpieces

For centerpieces with minimal setup, place floating candles in a large, shallow dish. For a summer event, you can use fruit candles that look like citrus slices. These candles also give off a fresh, fruity scent. Floating candles come in a variety of other shapes and themes, including butterflies, fish and plain circular tea-lights. Another floating candle centerpiece uses tall, thin goblets filled with water and tiny floating candles, creating a "floating candlestick".