Romantic Ways to Decorate a Bedroom for a Wedding Anniversary

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Surprising your partner on your wedding anniversary with a specially decorated, romantic bedroom is a thoughtful and caring way to express your love. Whether you plan to spare no expense or you're working with a budget and want to add handmade touches, there are plenty of ways to transform your bedroom into a romantic grotto to celebrate this special occasion.


Transform the bed into the focal point of the room. Dress the bed in brand new silk or satin bedding for a luxurious feel. Use pink for a delicately romantic atmosphere, or use red for a more vibrant, passionate effect. Add lots of cushions in different textures, such as velvet and silk, to create an inviting, relaxing feel. Create a simple canopy by suspending a gossamer wire hanger from the ceiling above the head of the bed. Drape a soft, sheer material, such as tulle or gossamer, over the hanger, so it fans out around the head of the bed and cascades to the floor.

Flowers and Candles

Fill the room with flowers and scented candles to stimulate the senses and make a big impact upon entering the room. Begin by clearing the surfaces of everyday accessories. Cover every available surface with vases of fresh-cut flowers. Scatter individual stems of roses across the floor -- purchase thorn-free varieties -- and rose petals over the bed and bedside tables. Line the floor around the edges of the room with scented tea lights in glass holders, and position larger candles on the surfaces between the vases of flowers. If you don't have enough vases, use teacups and place small blooms in each one.

Other Accessories

Mount framed pictures of your wedding day on the walls, and pop your wedding album on the bed to look through and reminisce. Add a hotel-style trolley filled with foods such as strawberries, bowls of cream and chocolate sauce, a platter of indulgent chocolates and champagne. Alternatively, add a mini fridge. Buy your partner some sexy new nightwear or matching robes for the both of you, to give you something comfier to slip into. Add a small CD player to play soft, romantic music. Scatter plush, shaggy-pile rugs on the floor for a soft and cozy feel underfoot. Swap your usual main light for a romantic chandelier.

Handmade Options

Create your own candles by melting together wax flakes, a colored wax crayon and a few drops of essential oil. Pour the melted wax into glass jars and tie a ribbon around the top for budget-friendly colored, scented candles. If filling the room with fresh-cut flowers is simply too costly, scatter little paper craft roses over the surfaces and pick wild flowers. Create your own tea light holders by painting empty jam jars with glass paint. Collect simple photo frames and decorate them with embellishments such as glitter hearts, ribbon and sequins. Fill the frames with pictures of the two of you, and display them around the room.