How to Make a Wedding Cake Fountain

Weddings are elaborate and wonderful events. There are tons of details to attend to and traditions to follow. One of those traditions is the cutting of a wedding cake. Wedding cakes can be elaborate spectacles or simple, elegant desserts. Adding a fountain can increase the beauty and emphasize the details of the cake(s). Like the cake itself, the fountain can be simple or so complex you don't know where to begin. Here is one easy wedding cake fountain to create for your special day.

Look through magazines and online at cakes and fountains you like. Pull out or print out photos of your favorite designs or specific elements. Choose an overall look for your cakes by combining your favorite elements. Sketch out your design on paper and fill in with your color scheme as well so you can see the overall look.

Have your cakes made or bake the cakes yourself. Place the cakes on their pedestals or other elevated surfaces. Fountains look best when there is lots of differences in height and leveling, so the use of pillars and cake plates is recommended. Place a shallow plastic bowl in the center of where you would like the fountain to go.

Place a small pump in the center of the bowl and stick a hollowed-out pillar over the pump. Stick a tube through the pillar. Attach another shallow plastic bowl on top of the pillar. The pump will push the water up to the top bowl and then spill over the top in a cascade fashion down to the bottom bowl.

Decorate the edges of the cake plates, pillars and fountain bowls with twinkle lights. Wrap these around and hide the cords under a table cloth or other decor. Then cut strips of ribbon and tie bows around the pillars. Turn on the lights and set up your cake topper ... you're done! Enjoy!