Decorating for a Greek Party

Though you can decorate the entire venue for a Greek party, the setting is not complete without proper attire. Be sure to ask your guests to dress in togas or as a character in Greek mythology. This way, everyone will fit in with the decor you selected for an outstanding Greek party.


When decorating, think mythical and magical. Greece has tons of history and when anything "Greek" comes to mind, most people see Zeus and Athena along with pristine blue waters and delicious food. Be sure to further set the mood by covering tables with white tableclothes with a blue or gold runner. Add swags of gossamer on the corners of the each table for added flair. Purchase Styrofoam columns from a craft or party store. Wrap them with artificial grape vines to give them pop and personality. Then, place them at either side of the main entrance to the party.

Add various tall, white and gold candles on gold platters around the party room for ambiance. Place a laurel-leaf crown that has been spray painted gold at the base of the larger candles and drape grape vines around counters and between various food dishes.

Food Table

Food is usually the main event at any party, so make sure your food is eye-catching and placed in appealing serving containers. Create several meze platters with stuffed grape leaves, hummus, pita bread and pita chips, spanakopita, various types of olives and cheese. A meze platter means "small plate" in Greek and is a fixture at any social gathering.

In addition to the meze platters, serve lamb meatballs, gyros and, of course, Greek salad. Ask guests to bring their favorite Greek dish to add to the array of choices. Use plastic serving ware purchased from a party store that is a metallic gold color. Also pick up plastic goblets for everyone to enjoy a sampling of various Grecian wines.

Decor Details

Your Greek party will not be complete without attention to detail. Add urns of varying sizes throughout the party room and drape the gossamer over open doorways and then tie back and affix to the wall with a braided gold cord. Do not forget other areas like restroom facilities. Add a laurel-leaf wreath above the mirror and set out miniature soaps on a gold-colored tray. Complete the bathroom decor with a few white pillar candles on the counter. If you have a patio or porch, set out columns with grape vines along with large, wide bowls filled with water and floating votives. By decorating--even just a little--in any area guests might wander, your party theme will flow throughout instead of being limited to one room or area.