How to Hide the Walls at a Wedding With White Fabric

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It is quite common to find a beautiful venue for your wedding only to realize that there are certain finishes or coverings on the walls that are not your style or are completely outdated. An old church may have wood paneling on the walls or a community group may have covered the walls in plaques and memorabilia. Overall, the venue is lovely, but the walls clash with your wedding ambiance. Covering the walls in tulle drapery is a cost effective and simple way to provide an elegant look.

Measure the height from the top of the wall to the bottom. Make a note of this measurement. Unroll a portion of the tulle bolt and measure out a piece at your measurement noted. Cut as many pieces as necessary to cover as many walls as necessary. Do not block natural light or doorways.

Attach a strip of double-sided tape to the back of one piece of tulle. Hang the first piece in a corner as your starting point. Press firmly on the tape to adhere the drape to the wall. This will be temporary and will not damage the walls. Continue along the wall, adhering each piece directly next to the previous one so there are no gaps. Hang multiple pieces on top of one another if you want to tie some up with flowers or ribbon.

Group layered pieces together and tie them with ribbon or flowered garlands that complement your wedding colors. Gather the tulle drapes as you would with curtain tiebacks. Use floral corsages if you desire. This is especially useful if you are decorating the wall behind the head table, as all eyes will be facing this direction and there should be a pretty design on this wall.

Hang and plug in lights of different types within and around the tulle drapes to create a fairy-tale atmosphere. You can use white Christmas lights strung on white wire, for example.