How to Hang Tulle & Lights

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Tulle is a lightweight, extra-fine netting usually made from cotton, nylon, rayon or silk that comes in a wide variety of colors. When combined with lights, it offers an inexpensive way to decorate a room for a special event like a wedding or anniversary party. Multi-colored Christmas lights, decorative wall sconces and hanging lanterns each make unique accompaniments depending on your overall theme. Hanging the tulle on existing wall sconces can also mean you don’t have to purchase your own lights. There are two basic methods for decorating with tulle and lights.

Method One: Christmas Lights

Lay the tulle out on the floor so that it is flat.

Lay the string of Christmas lights on top of the tulle going down the middle of the tulle. Lay down enough lights to run the whole length of the tulle.

Wrap the tulle around the strand of Christmas lights. Secure the material with twist ties so that the tulle doesn't unfold while you are trying to hang it.

Hang the tulle starting near an outlet so you can plug in the lights. When you hang the tulle, you will want to drape it so it is attached to the wall every 2 to 3 feet. This will prevent the lights from weighing down the tulle. The best way to attach the tulle to the wall is to use peel-and-stick wall hooks. Be sure to buy the ones that are easy to remove so you don't damage the wall.

Remove all the twist ties and fluff up the tulle once the tulle is attached to the wall. Make sure the lights stay inside the tulle.

Method Two: Wall Sconces and Lanterns

Hang your decorative lights or lanterns on the wall first. You can also use preexisting wall sconces to hang to tulle from depending on the space you are decorating.

Tie the end of the tulle to the first light. You'll want to tie the tulle at the base of the light near the wall if possible.

Loosely drape the fabric till you reach the second light.

Wrap the tulle once around the base of the light, and then continue draping it to the next light. If the tulle doesn't stay near the base and hang the way you want it to, use some clear double-sided tape to hold it in place.

Continue doing the same process until all the tulle is hung. When you get to the last light, tie the tulle off just like you did at the first light, and trim any extra tulle you have at the end.