How to Drape Fabric on a Column for a Wedding

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Many wedding ceremonies and celebrations have columns that can be decorated or left plain. Although columns are traditionally decorated with white fabric, modern weddings are using all kinds of colors and fabrics to match creative themes and tastes. Columns can be decorated with wrapped fabric, "puddled" fabric or fabric that connects the columns to each other. For a romantic touch, add white holiday lights to your decorations.

Choose a material and colors that suit your wedding theme.

Decide how you are going to drape your fabric before you purchase anything. One way to decorate is by wrapping the columns. Attach the fabric to the top of the column and wrap the fabric around the column a few times and secure to the bottom. Another way is to attach the fabric to the top of the column and let it drop down into a pool on the floor. This is a traditional Grecian style of decorating. Another way to decorate is to wrap or pool the fabric on the columns, then drape fabric between the columns to create a unified look. Place a small heavy object on top of each column to keep the fabric in place without being visible.

Purchase enough fabric to cover all of the columns in the style of your choice.