How to Make Decorative Graduation Tassels

by Marissa Nicole ; Updated September 28, 2017

Graduation tassel from 2009


Graduations are full of tradition, whether it is a high school celebration or a higher degree party. One of the most symbolic objects of a graduation is the tassel. Ever since the tassel has been hung over a rear-view mirror of a car, the graduation tassel has been a popular symbol of this momentous occasion. Luckily, this iconic object is simply to make, so anyone can use it to decorate a party!

Decide on the length of the fringe of the tassel.

Find a book the length you decided on or cut the cardboard to the desired length.

Loop the string you are using around the book or cardboard at least six times

Cut the end of the string.

Carefully remove the loops from the book or cardboard and tape the loops to a work surface so they do not unwind.

Cut a piece of string the length you need for the top of the tassel. Make sure to double the length you want before you cut the piece.

Thread the craft needle with your top piece and loop the string through one end of the taped tassel loops and tie to secure.

Take another piece of string and wind it around the loops about a quarter of an inch from the top to make the top bundle of the tassels.

Cut the loops on the opposite end to create the fringe, and your tassel is complete.


  • Make the length of the loops smaller for shorter tassels to be used on cards and decorations. This same method works to make tassels for bookmarks, jewelry or scarves.

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