How to Make Your Own Bulletin Board Border

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Bulletin board border, also known as trim, frames the bulletin board and makes it look finished and more professional. Store-bought border comes in a variety of shapes: scalloped, straight-edged and shaped. Although the border typically matches the lettering on the board, it is a matter of preferences. You can make your own border from any stiff paper such as card stock or poster board.

Making the Border

Measure the distance around each side of the bulletin board.

Determine the desired height of the border. Keep in mind that traditional border is normally about 2 1/4 inches tall.

Cut the paper to the appropriate height and length using a straightedge or template. Conserve resources by using one piece of poster board as much as possible, lining up scallops to fit like puzzle pieces, or straight edges side by side. Consider laminating the border for added durability.

Attaching the Border

Place the border along the edge of the board, top side facing the center of the board.

Staple or pin the border, making sure to keep it flat on the board.

Save the border for use in a later board, storing in a flat box. Remove staples neatly to avoid excessive tearing or damage.