Instructions for Sewing Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts made from soft stretchy fabric are ideal whether you are practicing for the big game or just playing for fun in the driveway. Basketball shorts allow for ease of movement and are an ideal project. The construction of basketball shorts is loose and simple to construct in an hour or two. Patterns are widely available at fabric centers and discount stores.

Choosing a Pattern and Fabric

Choose a pattern that is marked easy or quick to sew. If a pattern for the exact style you have in mind cannot be located, choose a pattern for pajamas or scrubs. These patterns can easily be adapted to make the basketball shorts. When you cut the material, adjust the length of the legs to whatever length the finished shorts will be.

Fabrics for basketball shorts should be soft and have some stretch. The associate at the fabric center will recommend several different choices.

Cutting the Fabric

Consult the guide in the pattern for layout instructions of the pattern pieces for the width of the fabric chosen. Pin the pattern pieces to the fabric and cut around the cutting lines


Sew the fabric pieces together, beginning with the two outside seams, which run from the waistline to the bottom edge of the leg. Finish the seam with a zigzag stitch. Sew purchased braid on the outside of this seam for strength and decoration. Sew the center seam of the shorts, beginning and ending at the waistline.

Sew a hem at the bottom of the legs by turning the fabric edge to the inside one-quarter of an inch and then one inch. Double sew this hem with one row of stitches slightly above the other.

Turn the top edge of the waistline down one-quarter of an inch and then 1 ½ inches. Sew around the bottom edge leaving a one-inch opening. Cut elastic that is one-inch wide to fit comfortably around the waist. Thread the elastic through the waistline opening. Attach a large safety pin to one end of the elastic to pull it through. Securely sew the ends of the elastic together and then stitch the opening closed. Stitch through the waistband making three rows of stitching. Hold the elastic and the fabric smooth while stitching.