How to Tie a Jabot Knot

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A jabot is a scarf worn around the neck and tied so it hangs down the center of a shirt or blouse. In the past, aristocratic men often wore lacy and ruffled jabots to hide the buttons of their shirts. Jabots are similar to ascots and are tied in the same type of knot. It is often simply a scarf that requires tying to add color, texture and pizazz to a solid colored shirt.

Fold the jabot scarf in straight folds that are approximately 2 to 3 inches wide, if the scarf is wide enough.

Hang the jabot scarf around your neck so that the ends drape over the chest area.

Adjust the ends of the jabot scarf so they are even.

Pick up the right end of the scarf and bring it toward the left end. Cross it over the left piece of fabric about midway up the length.

Pull the end that is now on the left side up and toward your chin, behind the crossed section, and flip it over. Adjust the ends of the jabot so they are the same length.