How to Make Organza Table Swags

Groom and bride table

George M Muresan/iStock/Getty Images

Make the tables pop at your wedding reception or your next formal party with organza table swags. Fabric swags decorate the sides of a plain tablecloth in luxurious folds of eye-catching color. Plus, you can quickly craft these simple swags.

Measure and cut a piece of organza fabric that is one and a half times the length of the table.

Measure about 4 or 5 inches down from each end of the organza. Tie a piece of ribbon around the organza at both spots. If you want to allow more fabric to drape down the sides of the table swag, tie the ribbon farther down each end.

Pin one side of the organza swag to the table where it is tied with the thin ribbon. Place the bunched fabric a few inches in from the outside edge of the table and right at the table top. Slide the floristry pin up through the underside of the table cloth and through a section of the bunched organza, and then back through the organza and the tablecloth. Secure the pin with a small piece of cork or foam.

Pin the other side of the organza swag to the other end of the table. If you want to let the swag hang with a scalloped appearance, gently pull the top edge of the organza through the ribbon. Pull it until the top edge of the organza is just about level with the table edge, and then pin in place.

Pin a fabric ribbon in place over one side of the organza where it is pinned to the table. To really secure the ribbon, pin it through the table cloth and the organza swag. Try to hide the pin underneath one of the bows. Pin another bow over the other end of the organza in the same way.