How to Attach a Garland to Reception Tables

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Wedding reception decorations set the tone for celebrating a new marriage. Adorning tables at a reception venue with garland creates a burst of color and texture. However, you may wonder what the best method is to attach garland to tables without causing damage to table linens or the tables. Whether you're looking to spruce up reception tables with floral or synthetic garlands, securely fastening the garland to tables will ensure that your decorations look attractive through the celebration.

Design how you want the garland to be fastened to the table. Options include placing garland around the edge of a table in a straight line, or draping the garland along the front of the table in swags.

Cover the table with the linen that will be utilized as a tablecloth. Insert a thumbtack, or straight pin with an eyelet, into the edge of the table, through the linen, at the point where the garland wrap will begin. Note that the linens cannot be moved after garland has been attached.

Cut a length of raffia or fishing line approximately 6 to 12 inches in length, depending on the diameter of the garland that is being affixed to the table. Wrap the raffia or fishing line around the head of the thumb tack, or through the eyelet hole.

Ask a partner to hold the garland in place. Tie the raffia or fishing line that has been secured to the tack in the table around the garland to hold it in place. Tie raffia in a decorative bow, or cut off any excess length of fishing line, which should be hidden in the foliage of the garland.

Repeat the process of tying the garland to thumb tacks inserted in the edge of the table every 18 inches to 36 inches depending on the weight of the garland being hung. Heavier garland will require more anchor points on the table. Stretch the garland in a straight line, or drape the garland in low-hanging swags for a more pronounced appearance. To create swags, secure the garland to a tack at each high point along the edge of the table.