How to Make a Mantilla Lace Veil

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Mantilla veils are traditional Spanish headpieces, but brides everywhere may incorporate them into their wedding ensembles. These graceful veils can be as short as shoulder length or as long as your gown's train, depending on your wedding's level of formality. Mantilla veils are made of lace-edged tulle and draped over the bride's head. Though you can attach a clear comb to the underside of the veil, the traditional method of wearing the veil was by propping the headpiece up on a high "peineta" or comb.

Determine the desired length for your mantilla veil. Shoulder-length veils are 24 inches long; elbow-length veils are 30 inches; fingertip veils are 40 inches; chapel veils are 72 inches and cathedral-length veils are 108 inches or longer.

Lay your tulle fabric out flat and fold it in half lengthwise so you have a long, thin runner of material. Take your desired measurement from Step 1 and superimpose it on your tulle. Mark the length with a pin and cut off the excess fabric. mantilla veils are triangular -- narrower at the top than the bottom -- to allow them to drape smoothly down the back. Round all outside corners so the lace trim turns corners smoothly.

Pin the lace edging around the circumference of the veil, lining up the beginning and ending edges to create a seamless look. Though it is less noticeable to hand stitch the lace in place, it is possible to use a sewing machine without damaging the fabric if you are pressed for time. Sew the lace edging in place.

Locate the upper peak of the veil. This is the section which will sit just behind the middle of your hairline when you wear the veil. Mark the point with a pin and place the top of the plastic comb's bridge on the underside of the veil.

Sew the comb in place using clear nylon thread. To keep the pieces secure, weave the thread between the teeth and over the comb's bridge. Try to keep your stitches on the lace portion of the veil, as this will help hide them. Knot the thread on the underside of the comb and clip away the excess.