How to Decorate Bridal Bouquets With Tulle

Tulle is a common accent at many wedding receptions and ceremony sites. Wrapped around twinkling lights, draped across the front of the cake table or adding a soft flow to the banister of a staircase, it's not surprising tulle has also found its niche in bridal bouquets. The sheer fabric made from silk, nylon, rayon or cotton is starched to hold a form, or left soft as a flowing accent for wedding decor.

Ballerina-Style Nosegay

Use starched tulle as a stiff backing for ballerina-style nosegay bouquets. Cut the tulle large enough to create a shield between the bouquet and the bridal gown, keeping the pollen from fresh flowers off the dress.

Cut a round or rectangular shape, as desired, to coordinate with the shape of the bouquet. Make the piece of tulle large enough to fold accordion style, creating a fluffy backing on the nosegay. Plan to use up to 3 feet of tulle. Attach the fabric to the back side of the bouquet by gluing the fabric to the bouquet stem.

Layer colorful tulle across the open top of the bouquet stem. Cut at least 10 circular pieces of tulle to create the ballerina-style base.

Place a thin line of hot glue around the top of the bouquet stem. Lay the circular pieces of tulle on top of the glue on the bouquet stem, keeping the fabric flat and stretched. Press the fabric gently so glue penetrates all layers. Allow the glue to dry for 15 minutes.

Use a scissors to cut a small hole in the middle of the attached tulle to create a place for the flower stems to be inserted. The tulle will help the flowers stand upright, in the center of the bouquet stem.

Long-Stemmed Bouquet

Use strands of tulle to decorate a long stemmed bouquet, such as an arm sheaf cradled by the bride. Cut a 24-inch long piece of tulle. Make the width about 6 inches.

Twist the long strand of tulle to bunch it up, rope-style. Tie the tulle midway down the long stems with a simple knot or bow, allowing the long tails of the tulle to flow to the end of the long stems.

Embellish the tulle with adhesive glitter spray or glue on tiny craft rhinestones to add sparkle.