How to Soften a Stiff Veil

Father escorting bride up steps to church, smiling, close-up

Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Many brides might imagine wearing a soft veil, floating like a cloud around the face and shoulders, but many new veils can be stiff and scratchy to the touch. If your veil appears wrinkled or feels hard to handle, you can use a few techniques to get a softer look and feel in just a few minutes. Veils comes in different styles, colors and finishes, but for a soft choice right out of the box, select a fine tulle or thin lace fabric for an airy, luxurious-looking garment.

Remove the veil from the packaging and hang it on a hanger, cinching the veil at the comb with clothespins. Do not pin the fabric.

Fluff the veil with your hands and make sure it hangs loose and untangled.

Hang the veil in the bathroom away from the shower. Do not allow the veil to get wet.

Run hot water in the shower. Leave the shower running for a few minutes to steam the veil.

Allow the veil to dry before removing it from the bathroom.

Wave a portable steamer wand four to six inches over the wedding veil. The concentrated steaming will soften the fabric and loosen any creases.

Spray the veil lightly with fabric softener. Gently fluff the fabric to work the product into the veil. Let the veil dry completely.