Ideas for Decorating a Hat

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Hats are fun accessories that are useful as well as stylish. Many hats look alike, however. To get your own unique hat, all you need are a few supplies from a craft store and a little creative flair.

Feminine Flair

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

To give your hat some femininity, use sequins, glitter, tulle and ribbons. Tie ribbons and tulle around the hat just above the brim and allow them to drape down the back. Use hot glue to attach sequins and glitter.

Souvenir Pins

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Buy small pins as souvenirs whenever you visit a new place and pin them on your hat to show them off.

Puff Paint

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Buy some puff paint at a craft store and use it to draw pictures and write fun phrases all over your hat. Make sure you allow the paint to dry thoroughly--about one day--before wearing the hat.

Holiday Themes

Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

Decorate a separate hat for each major holiday. Cut fun holiday-themed shapes out of fabric in a contrasting color and sew them on the hat.


Jessica Isaac/Demand Media

To make a hat look vintage, use lots of feathers, tulle and artificial flowers. Drape and tie the tulle over and around the hat like a small veil and tuck the feathers and flowers into the tulle.

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