How to Make a Bridal Shower Hat

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A tradition at many bridal showers is to make a hat or bouquet from the ribbons wrapped around the gifts. Once the hat is made, take pictures of the bride-to-be wearing it. During the wedding rehearsal, she should wear the hat instead of a veil. Although it is not a necessary part of the wedding shower, it is a fun thing to make while the guest of honor opens gifts.

Designate one or two people to be in charge of the ribbon hat. This can help make it less chaotic and guarantees that the hat will get made.

Tape or staple the gift bows to the top of the paper plate. Cover the entire plate with bows; you can even start to layer them on top of each other if you have enough.

Gather the long ribbons into two sections. Tape the two sections together at the top.

Tape the two sections to the top of the hat, tucked under the bows. The sections should be directly opposite each other on the plate.

Put the paper plate hat on top of the head and tie the long ribbon sections under the chin.