How to Hold a Band on a Cowboy Hat

by Mason Howard ; Updated September 28, 2017

Ribbon, fabric and leather are all materials that can be used to make your own interchangeable cowboy hatbands. Having several hatbands is fun and allows you to change your band on your hat to accommodate the occasion or your outfit. Hatbands can be further embellished with beads, rhinestones, feathers or dried flowers. If you are not interested in a hatband that ties or makes a bow, use Velcro to hold your band to your cowboy hat. Velcro can be easily glued to the band and allows for quick and easy removal and attachment.

Hold your band around the base of the hat, so the ends overlap. Pinch the ends together at the point where the band needs to be connected.

Make a small dot with a marker at the pinch points on both band ends. For the overlapping end, make the dot on the under side, where it will not show once the hat band is complete. For the other end, make the dot on the top side (it will be covered up anyway), facing the other dot.

Lay the band out flat on a table.

Use scissors to cut equal size pieces of Velcro. You need one piece of the hooked Velcro and one piece of the looped Velcro. The Velcro pieces should be at least 11/2 inches long.

Remove the adhesive backing from the hooked piece of Velcro. Center, and stick the hooked piece on top of the dot on the overlapping end of the band.

Remove the adhesive backing from the looped piece of Velcro. Center and stick the hooked piece on top of the dot on the other end of the band.


  • For extra strength, the Velcro pieces can also be sewn to fabric or ribbon bands or glued to leather bands with leather glue or E6000 multi-purpose glue.

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