How to Attach Cub Scout Patches

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If you’ve tried to attach a Cub Scout patch, you may feel it's a less time-consuming task to scale Mt. Everest. Attaching Cub Scout patches doesn’t have to be frustrating, though. With a few tools and a little time, you can complete your child’s Cub Scout uniform with his earned patches.

Sewing on the patches

Iron the shirt so you don’t sew any wrinkles into the shirt.

Thread a needle with colored thread that matches the edge of the patch.

Lay the shirt on a flat surface and place the patches in the appropriate places according to the Cub Scout uniform guide. Use safety or straight pins to hold the patch into place before you begin sewing, ensuring the shirt remains smooth and wrinkle-free. If you are attaching several patches, position and pin them all to ensure they are properly placed and straight.

Sew on the first patch by inserting the needle through the underside of the shirt and coming up through the edge of the patch. Pull the needle and thread through until the thread is taut. Push the needle back through the edge of the patch, next to where you just came through the patch. Continue sewing along the edge until the patch is secure. Because of the patch’s raised edge, it is difficult to pull and push the needle through, so use a thimble to protect your thumb and fingers. Once the patch is attached, remove the pins.

Using fusible bonding tape

Cut an appropriate amount of bonding tape to fit under the patch.

Preheat the iron on the cotton setting and ensure the steam option is off. Iron the shirt where the patch will fit for approximately 15 to 20 seconds.

Place the bonding tape under the patch and position the patch appropriately on the shirt, following the Cub Scout uniform guide. Ensure the patch is straight.

Place a handkerchief or washcloth over the patch to protect it, and iron circles over the patch for approximately 30 seconds. Remove the handkerchief and gently pull at the edges to ensure the patch is secure. If it isn’t secure, replace the handkerchief and iron the patch for about 20 more seconds or until it adheres.