How to Iron on Awana Patches

by Jonathan Shaffer ; Updated September 28, 2017

Iron on patches are easier to apply than traditional sew on patches.

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Iron on patches have a dried adhesive coating on their back portion. When heated with an iron, this adhesive becomes sticky and will adhere to almost any article of clothing. Awana is a church-based child development group. As an enrolled child gets older and completes certain skill tests, they are moved into different levels of the Awana program much like the Cub Scouts of America or the Girl Scouts. Patches are given to commemorate special occasions.

Place the Awana uniform that you want to apply the patch to on your ironing board.

Turn you iron to its cotton or high setting and allow it to warm up.

Cover the area that you want to apply the patch to with a towel.

Press the iron down on top of the towel directly over the area where you will apply the patch. This will heat up the cotton fibers to help grab the adhesive of the iron on patch.

Remove the towel from the uniform and place the iron on patch on the area that you just heated up. Line it up exactly the way you want it and cover it with the towel.

Press the iron down on top of the towel directly over the patch and hold it there for 10 seconds.

Allow the uniform to cool completely before handling.

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