How to Iron a Police Uniform

You must take extra care when ironing a police uniform, because like a member of the military, a police officer must maintain a professional appearance at all times. That means each uniform must be pristine, pressed and clean, and there can be no burn marks or wrinkles.

Set your iron to suit the material in the uniform. Most uniforms these days are heavy cotton, but you might encounter some older uniforms that are polyester, or winter-weight uniforms made of wool. Be careful with polyester fabrics, as they are prone to burning and melting. Use the iron on the uniform as you would on any other piece of clothing, with short, firm sweeps. Pay special attention to any pleats in the uniform. If you have an especially wrinkled uniform, consider spraying it with a wrinkle-release spray before you iron.

Hang each piece of the uniform on a separate hanger, choosing a hanger that will hold the shape of the shoulders for the top and one that will keep the line of the pants crisp. Use a steamer on the hanging uniforms to release any wrinkles you may have missed during the initial ironing. Hold the nozzle of the steamer 3 to 5 inches from the garments, moving it in wide, slow strokes.

If the uniform has any patches, cover them with a damp washcloth before ironing to prevent burning.

Once you have removed all the wrinkles, hang the uniform on hangers that will hold its shape. Wherever you choose to hang your uniform, make sure it will have sufficient room.