How to Iron a Marine Uniform

ironing image by Albert Lozano from

There are many types of Marine uniforms and each of them should be handled with particular care when ironing and during other activities. If a Marine uniform is properly taken care of, its service life will be maximized and optimum performance will be maintained. If touch-up pressing is not required on the Marine uniform, then ironing the Marine uniform may be avoided. But, when touch-up pressing is needed, ironing the Marine uniform should be done with exceptional care.

Turn the iron on low. When ironing the Marine uniform, the iron should either be cool or slightly warm. Do not let the iron get hot and do not use the iron above the rayon setting.

Lay the Marine uniform on the ironing board. Carefully spread the fabric of the portion of the uniform to be ironed over the surface of the board and smooth out any creases in the uniform. Make sure you don’t leave folds in the uniform’s fabric.

Iron the Marine uniform. Maintain the Marine uniform’s neat appearance by individually pressing the points of the Marine uniform’s collar and the flaps of the uniform’s pockets. Be careful when pressing the manufactured permanent creases of the uniform because if you press improperly, you may cause undesired permanent creases.