How to Clean a Taekwondo Uniform

People in a tae kwon do class

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Taekwondo masters expect you to come to class with a neat, clean appearance. Keep your uniform, or dobok, free of stains and excessive wrinkles to show respect for the dojang as well as the martial art. Proper washing will keep your dobak pristine and prevent it from wearing out too quickly. Consider investing in at least two uniforms so you can always have a clean one on hand for training and competition.

Remove any patches you have attached with Velcro. If your patches are sewn on, you cannot remove them, so you'll need to take extra care with washing. Keep your belt separate and do not put it in the wash with your uniform.

Set the machine for the gentle cycle. Use warm or cold water to wash the uniform. Hot water will potentially shrink the uniform, cause bleeding of any logos or writing and may prematurely wear down the fabric.

Add detergent according to label directions. Choose a kind that is color-free so it won't discolor a white uniform. Avoid bleaches and fabric softeners, which can cause a yellow cast to form on the uniform over time. Bleach also degrades the fabric so your uniform will not last as long as it should and it can damage iron transfers, patches or stitching on your uniform as well.

Dry the uniform on a line or with medium heat in the clothes dryer. Remove it immediately and lay it out to prevent wrinkles from forming.

Iron the dobok if it is wrinkled or if you are heading to a tournament. Use a heat setting that is appropriate for the fabric -- not too hot or you might scorch the fabric. Apply the iron to the trouser legs first and crease them, if desired.