How to Iron Velour Clothing


How to Iron Velour Clothing. Velour clothing may be challenging to iron, thanks to the nap of the fabric, but you can do it if you're careful yet still maintain the beautiful soft look. Velour fabric is most often used for sweatsuits, but can be used for any type of clothing, as its soft feel and silky look make it desirable. Ironing velour is seldom necessary, but knowing how could come in handy.

Place a heavy towel on the length of your ironing board. Put your iron on a low heat setting.

Put your velour clothing on the towel with the right side down. It crushes the pile of the velour if you iron the right side of the fabric directly.

Increase your heat setting if you are not seeing any damage to your velour clothing. Test hidden parts of the clothing with the iron each time you raise the setting to see if the higher settings harm the fabric at all.

Keep your clothing on the towel while pressing to preserve the raised material or pile of the velour clothing. Continue to iron only with the right side down on the towel.

Hang the fabric to dry and cool to preserve the pile of the velour clothing. Let the clothing cool without touching it so the pile remains.