How to Get Wrinkles Out of Chiffon

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Chiffon is a lightweight, usually sheer, plain woven fabric that is often used to make women's evening wear as well as flowing blouses and scarves. While chiffon can be an ethereally beautiful and versatile fabric, it is prone to wrinkles. Silk versions of the fabric should be cared for professionally, but you can easily remove wrinkles from cotton and synthetic chiffon from home.

Hot Shower Method

Step 1

Cover the bathroom floor with towels, then turn the shower on to its highest temperature.

Step 2

Close any bathroom windows and close the bathroom door as you exit. Allow steam to fill the bathroom for at least 10 minutes, then turn the shower off.

Step 3

Hang the chiffon garment in the bathroom, making sure to close the door behind you when you exit. Let hang for 15 minutes, then re-enter.

Step 4

Wrap a clean, dry white towel around your forearm. Run the towel up and down the length of the chiffon garment to help smooth away any wrinkles.

Ironing Method

Step 1

Wash your chiffon item in cool water on your washing machine's gentle setting.

Step 2

Dry the item by wrapping it in a clean, dry towel and then beating it between your hands, leaving the item slightly damp.

Step 3

Place water in your iron, plug it in, then set your iron to its low or cool setting. If your iron has a fabric setting for chiffon, set your iron to this setting.

Step 4

Place your chiffon item on your ironing board and use your hands to shape it into its proper form.

Step 5

Cover the item with a slightly damp ironing cloth or towel except for the small section of the item you intend to iron first. This is to prevent the item from drying out and becoming more sensitive to heat.

Step 6

Cover the exposed section of the item with a pressing cloth or thin towel to prevent the iron steam's from coming in direct contact with the fabric.

Step 7

Iron over the ironing cloth or towel in a vertical motion using smooth, even strokes, working your way from the center of the section out toward its edges. Periodically lift up the ironing cloth or towel to check the section for wrinkles.

Step 8

Keep ironing sections of the garment until all wrinkles have been removed.