How to Attach Patches With Velcro

Laundry iron

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If you have a Boy Scout patch or a school uniform patch that needs to be attached to your clothing, then consider attaching it with a strip of Velcro. Velcro is a trademarked hook-and-loop fastener that allows one to attach an emblem or patch to a piece of clothing and easily remove it. Iron-on Velcro tape may be the quickest way to adhere hook-and-loop fasteners. You can purchase it at your local fabric supply store.

Wash the clothing you would like to attach the Velcro and patch upon to ensure the surface is clean. Allow to dry completely.

Plug in your iron and preheat it for about five minutes. Use the "high" setting without steam. Gently iron over the area on the piece of clothing where you would like to attach the first piece of Velcro tape.

Cut a 2-inch piece of Velcro iron-on tape with a pair of scissors. If the patch is large, then you might want a longer strip of tape. Estimate the size needed, and snip off a piece of tape. You will need to do this both to the "hook" tape and the "loop" tape, yielding two pieces of tape that attach together and pull apart easily.

Place one piece of tape, adhesive side down, on the piece of clothing. Place a cloth on top of the tape, and then apply the hot iron on top of the cloth. Press firmly while moving the iron over the tape for about 30 seconds. Lift the iron, and allow the tape to cool.

Place the other piece of tape on the back of the patch. Make sure the adhesive side is against the back of the patch. Press the cloth on top of the tape, and then place the hot iron over the cloth, making sure to move the iron as you press. Do this for at least 30 seconds. Allow the tape to cool. You can now attach the patch to the clothing using the Velcro tape you've attached to the clothing and patch.