How to Shrink Pajamas

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Many people have received gifts of clothing, like pajamas, that are either too small or too big but they cannot exchange. Fortunately, you can shrink large pajamas if you do not want to pay for alterations. The pajamas must consist of natural fibers that can shrink, such as cotton and wool. Synthetic fabrics, like Rayon, do not shrink. You will also have success with pajamas that have not been preshrunk.

Place the pajamas in the washing machine and add enough laundry detergent for the load. You may also add items that can withstand high wash settings. Wash the pajamas in hot water for a longer cycle than the manufacturer recommends.

Put the pajamas in the dryer and dry it at a higher heat setting than recommended on the care label for a longer amount of time than is necessary for the fabric.

Repeat the process from the beginning if the pajamas is still bigger than you wish.