How to Get Fashion Tape Off Clothes

by Herman Cruz ; Updated September 28, 2017

Fashion tape is a clear, double-sided, body and apparel adhesive that helps hold clothes in place. Fashion tape is used for temporarily hemming pants and for keeping certain fabrics from moving on the body. To use fashion tape, you must peel the backing from one side, and then press the tape firmly to your skin or a fabric. Next, remove the backing from the other side of the tape, and apply and secure the fabric item. Fashion tape comes off easily; however, if you find residue when you remove the tape from your clothing, you can remove it.

Add rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball without saturating it.

Treat the region that has tape residue. Do not rub the cotton ball on the affected area, simply spot treat the area by applying the alcohol onto the tape residue. Alcohol eliminates the adhesive consistency.

Rub off the tape residue from the fabric with a dry finger. You'll be able to roll off the bits of adhesive until they are completely gone.


  • Always test any product on an inconspicuous area to see if the fabric will have any reaction to it.

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