How to Get Ink Out of Polyester

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Polyester fabric is no longer reserved for leisure suits worn by dapper disco lovers in the 1970s. In fact, modern fashion designers use polyester blends to create pants, suits, dresses and tops using this strong synthetic fiber. If your polyester clothing has ink stains however, you’ll need expert advice to remove the ink quickly. No need to panic if you’ve stained your polyester garments. You can remove dye stains from this fabric without stretching or shrinking the fibers or requiring a visit to the dry cleaner.

Sponge the stain with a dry-cleaning solvent to keep the ink from spreading. Follow the directions on the solvent's bottle for the length of time the solution should remain on the polyester fabric. Rinse the stain with water to remove any solvent residue.

Apply a capful of rubbing alcohol to the stain to help lift the ink. Let the polyester garment air-dry in a well-ventilated area.

Pre-treat a stubborn stain with liquid laundry detergent. For hard-to-remove dye stains, pour a small capful of detergent on the stain. Rub the material together to adhere the liquid to the spot. Let the detergent remain on the fabric overnight.

Wash the polyester fabric in warm water. Use a gentle wash cycle with a cold rinse to clean the fabric without setting the stain. For colorfast and white garments, add an all-fabric bleach into the washing cycle.

Tumble dry the fabric. If the stain is no longer visible to the naked eye, place the polyester garment into the dryer. After drying on medium-heat, remove promptly to avoid wrinkles. Iron the fabric at a low setting.